Athletes Global Education & Sports Academy

Athletes Global education and sports academy is a combination of tutoring, mentoring, fitness, sports and nutrition programs.
We are an innovative before and after school program that separates ourselves in many ways. We provide one on one and group tutoring to grades K-12th. Our tutoring program will provide students with a comprehensive and supervised environment that will help them improve in Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Foreign Languages, STEAM, Organizational skills and much more. Our fun fitness and sports program focuses on overall health and activity.
Our goal is to get kids exercising in fun ways using their own body weight as well as doing fun fitness and performance training involving all basic motor functions. We will introduce students to sports such as, basketball, flag football, golf, cheerleading, volleyball and soccer. Our mission is to motivate students to strive for excellence in the classroom, while balancing a healthy and fit lifestyle!
“Learn & Get Fit”!